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  • Project 01: "Elis" 1-room studio aparment of 1sA1* type (23.6 м2)

    Interior of this studio apartment combines rational use of space and light color range, which makes the room look more spacious. 

    2 047 837 ₷
  • Project 02: "Iberia" 2-room apartment of 2E* type (64.8 m2)

    Golden beige and greenish colors reminding of early spring dominate in the interior of this apartment. The rooms and the kitchen have a common color range with tones that add spirit to the interior without violating the general mood of comfort and placidness. 

    2 529 219 ₷
  • Project 03: "Nuer" 2-room apartment of 2A* type (54.1 m2)

    The square form of this apartment has served as an inspiration for designers regarding the main principles of its design: compact shapes and adjusted proportions. A massive sofa, a large table and a double bed are smoothly located in a small area. 

    1 631 609 ₷
  • Project 04: "Marengo" 2-room apartment of 2D* type (61.5 m2)

    This interior is implemented in gray, brown and blue colors and reminds of marine landscapes. Furniture and walls have the same tone, which expands the room visually. There is an impression of integrity and lack of unnecessary details. 

    2 770 435 ₷
  • Project 05: "Ronda" 1-room apartment No. 584 (37.36 m2)

    This bright and colorful interior perfectly suits people of imaginative nature who can enjoy their lives.

    1 217 600 ₷
  • Project 06: "Aquamarine" 2-room apartment No. 654 (56.83 m2)

    You can already see from the threshold that this interior has a bright and outstanding style. 

    1 312 450 ₷