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About Service

So, you have become the proud owner of a new apartment. Probably, in your dreams you have any idea what a cozy and beautiful she is. But how much more will the hassle associated with tedious shopping trips to choose flooring, wallpaper, tiles, plumbing, lighting, furniture ... 

Or maybe you should not spend their precious time and energy? 

Service "Planium" will help you to effectively solve this problem. 

· "Planium" - this is a fundamentally new approach to the arrangement of accommodation to suit your personal preferences. 

· "Planium" - a complex supply all interior items that you choose for your apartment. 

· "Planium" - this is an opportunity to purchase items directly from the interior of the leading certified in Europe and America, Chinese manufacturers supplying their products to the markets of the United Kingdom, Italy, the USA and Germany. 

· "Planium" - it saves not only your time and effort, but also receive substantial financial benefits by reducing the supply chain is excluded, wholesale and retail trade links.