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We work with Chinese factories and plants which are the biggest manufacturers of furniture and interior items. These companies already have a lot of loyal customers in many countries of the world. "Planium" service is happy to introduce new companies in the the world of modern furniture and interiors to the Russian customer!




HING LEE FURNITURE GROUP (on the market since 2009) is one of China's biggest factories based in Hong Kong and manufacturing modern and classic cabinet furniture under Aomax, Oriant, Johnston, Jioon trademarks 

HING LEE FURNITURE GROUP includes 7 high-technology factories in Dongguan and Shenzhen, with total production area over 100,000 sq. m. Hing Lee Furniture Group controls the whole cycle of product market life: from design and manufacturing of products to a distribution chain in China and other countries. Hing Lee products include a wide selection of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and offices. A number of products is manufactured from solid wood (oak, hazelnut and cherry).




Oppein  is the biggest factory not only in China but in whole South-Eastern Asia. For over 10 years it has manufactured kitchens and cabinet furniture, as well as various supplementary products. Products produced by the factory are known for their high quality; they belong to average class and premium segment.  

Products quality is confirmed with international certificates. The enterprise often receives awards of international exhibitions and can be considered the leader of the industry. High quality of products, innovative development path, outstanding design of products is provided with own resources of the enterprise. Annually, the factory manufactures over 200,000 kitchen suits, 150,000 wardrobes and 100,000 bathroom sets. The main turnover of Oppein comprises product export to Europe and America. Oppein production facilities are represented with two biggest enterprises in Guangzhou (Southern China) and Tianjin (Northern China). They are equipped with world's best woodworking equipment (HOMAG, Schuler) supported with advanced software. Manufacturing workshops of Oppein occupy over 300,000 sq m, the company provides employment to over 7,000 people




Fuhua Carpet – factory is one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers of carpets and carpeting floors. It belongs to top 10 companies of the industry. 

It manufactures a very wide range of carpets of various styles from natural and artificial materials (acryl, polyester, wool, animal hides).



Grandehome – is the company occupying industry's leading positions in terms of quality and innovations for shower cabins and saunas.

The company has developed long-term business relations with many powerful distributors all over the world, including in the US, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Vietnam and India. Grandehome has universal patents for a number of innovations due to which the company's products rank among exclusive achievements in the industry.




ABM Company  specializes in development and manufacturing of bathroom fixtures for domestic and production purposes. Company's production facilities are located in Zhishan and Heshan. They occupy over 60,000 sq.m.  

The product range of the company includes mixer taps for kitchens and bathrooms, bathroom fixtures, pools, shower sets, bathroom accessories, dryer, bathroom fixtures for public premises and other products. The company has many patents for bathroom equipment. Due to extensive development of its own resources in terms of innovations, the company renews its product range actively and regularly, offering innovative design and high quality of products to the market.




Zhongshan Marsden Lighting  production company has been the leader in terms of design and manufacturing of domestic lighting units for over 10 years. The products range of the factory includes both classic style and modern products. 

Production facilities of the company occupy the area over 30,000 sq. m and are fully provided with state-of-the-art equipment .Non-compromising quality, decent products design and company's perfect service have allowed to establish strong business relations with numerous distributors from Europe, America, Australia and many countries of the world.




Summer Int Enterprise Co., Ltd  is a big corporation leading in the industry of lighting units of various designation: from domestic lighting units to technical and outdoor lamps. Perfect quality, splendid design and commitment to the best examples of international culture allow Summer company to be successful both on domestic and international market.

Company's strategy is aimed at creating of Chinese national brand adapting achievements of German technology and European design. This principle can be applied both to popular and exclusive products by Summer. To comply fully with customers' requirements, the company performs constant quality control according to requirements of ISO 9001-2000. In 2007, Summer company received Most Influential Moder Lighting Brand and Key Recommendation Brand awards. The company has its own center for innovations and development as well as production facilities in the Zhu Jiang delta and along the Yangtze. They are provided with modern equipment and quality control system. Company's production quality is confirmed with international CCC, CE, ROHS and SAA certificates.




Fotiles manufacturing company specializes in export of a wide range of porcelain tiles and porcelain mosaic. Modern manufacturing base, high-technology equipment and European management allow the company to keep its leading positions in its industrial segment.

Company's clients can be found in all continents, products are supplied to many countries of the world. High quality of products has become a stimulus for demand increase, so that the company has a well-developed chain of distributors all over the world.




Artdeco Shanghai Chouqin Furniture Co., Ltd – is a high-technology manufacturing company that has been specializing in manufacturing of sofas and convertible sofa beds for over 14 years. Company's manufacturing facilities are known for their high automation level.  

ARTDECO company has a wide product range. Each month 400-600 containers of high-quality products confirmed with international certificates are exported to many countries of the world. High and stable quality combined with European design has allowed ARTDECO to establish successful business relations with the biggest distributors in more than 100 countries of the world. Biggest retailers of Japan, USA, Germany, other European countries are among company's loyal customers.



Huasheng Ceraimic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd — is a big company manufacturing a wide range of bathroom fixtures (bathroom ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower cabins, bathroom accessories).  

Huasheng Ceraimic Sanitary Ware production facilities occupy 20,000 sq.m. Overall production amounts to 4 million sets of products annually. More than USD 80,000,000 has been invested into creation and development of production. Since 2008, product quality has been confirmed with GB/T19001-2000 Certification. The company's products have numerous consumers in many countries of the world