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Absolut Bank JSC

Our partner "Absolut Bank JSC" is ready to provide you with a full scope of Bank services, as well as select an optimal credit program version:

Mobile service manager can visit the client in any convenient place or time if the client wishes to submit their application,

Individual rates starting from 14 per cent per annum,

No commission for account maintenance and allowance of credit,

Reduced Auto Loan and Mortgage rates by 1-2% for the client who has used a consumer's credit,

Discounts and privileges regarding other products of the bank,

Personal service in a separate area and case management by a personal manager regarding any financial issues,

Option to confirm employment with a labor contract and reference on bank form (or form of other organization in question),

After the Contract for purchase of a «Planium» product has been signed in our office, you can just notify us about your wish to purchase the product on credit, and a Bank specialist will contact you within an hour.

To get the maximum number of privileges, you should inform the Bank specialist that you have a «Planium» VIP card.


Necessary documents:

For salaried employees:

   1. Passport of citizen of the Russian Federation,

   2. Certificate of income on form 2-NDFL or certificate of income on form

      of the Bank / certificate of income in free format attested with the signature

      and stamp of the employer for the period no less than 3 months.

 *Documents confirming client's income and employment submitted to the bank shall be issued no earlier than 3 months of employment has ended.

 **Certificate of income shall contain data on income for the period at least 3 months, data of employing company (including tax payer number (INN), address, phone number),

   3. Copy of employment record book (all filled pages) or copy of employment contract of the Credited Party attested by the employer (company stamp, signature of responsible employee and attestation date) on each page,

   4. Application form

For Entrepreneurs or business owners:

   1. Passport of citizen of the Russian Federation,

   2. Application form,

   3. Certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs (EGRIP) / Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRYuL)

   4. Tax return for the latest report period with note of the tax authority (in case reports are sent to the tax authority by mail, copies of all post receipts shall be enclosed)


Bookkeeping Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the latest report period with note of the tax authority (in case reports are sent to the tax authority by mail, copies of all post receipts shall be enclosed).

Time for consideration of application amounts to 1-2 business days from the moment a full set of documents has been submitted.

When you have been granted a credit, you become an honorary client of the bank.

You can contact an Absolut Bank Specialist by phone:

8(812)  333- 32 -22 (ext. 55381, 55386, 55388) 

+7 (905) 208 -33 -39


Absolute Bank JSC Petrogradskaya Department Subsidiary Office address: 79 Bolshoy prospekt (Petrograd side) Saint Petersburg Russian Federation:


Documents (in Russian):

Crediting conditions  download here

List of documents for credit arrangements download here

Consumer's credit form download here

Reference on bank form download here